"The most efficient remedy for hemorrhoids in the world today"

Alexander Soltysik, MD, PHD



Clinically Proven

Complete regression or significant improvement of all symptoms in over 94% of users


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Hemocyl is...


No cream, no wipes. Just take 2 Hemocyl capsules every morning for 14 days.


With Hemocyl you can expect noticeable improvements in as little as 72 hours.

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Your Efficient and Natural Hemorrhoid Remedy

Anyone who has ever suffered from piles will know just how painful, and sometimes embarrassing, this common medical condition can be. Fortunately, a life without hemorrhoids is now possible with Hemocyl, an efficient and completely natural hemorrhoid remedy that is clinically proven to provide noticeable improvements in just 72 hours.

Result of years of scientific research

Yes, we are that confident. Hemocyl is considered to be the most effective natural hemorrhoid treatment on the market today, as proven by clinical trials in which 94% of users experienced a complete disappearance of piles or a significant improvement in their symptoms. It is an easy to use supplement that requires absolutely no contact with affected areas and offers fast results - the first relief from the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids is usually felt after a few days and the complete disappearance of all symptoms is possible after just one week of treatment.

Hemocyl is the result of years of scientific research into plants and natural ingredients that provide relief from the signs and symptoms of piles. It is a purely natural treatment for hemorrhoids.

What studies have said

Clinical studies support Hemocyl use as an effective natural treatment in 94% of trial patients.

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Several trials, hundreds of patients, one conclusion:

Hemocyl works

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About hemorrhoids

About 3/4 of all people have hemorrhoids at some point in life. Half of them need treatment.

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What doctors say

"In 30 years of my practice I have never seen more efficient natural treatment for hemorrhoids."

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Fast and Effective Treatment for Hemorrhoids

If you are suffering from the pain and discomfort of piles then it is fast and effective relief from your symptoms that you will be looking for in a hemorrhoid treatment. Hemocyl is the fastest acting and most effective treatment for hemorrhoids on the market today and has been found by many members of the medical profession to be a proven remedy for hemorrhoid related bleeding, burning, discomfort and itching.

As Hemocyl is a natural hemorrhoidal remedy made from ingredients like Berberis Vulgaris, Chichorium intybus and Hamamelis virginiana, it may be used safely in addition to most medications you are currently prescribed. However, there are several medications that it is not recommended to be taken with, so please refer to our FAQ page if you would like to access further information. 

Each bottle of Hemocyl contains 28 capsules. We recommend you take 2 capsules each morning at least half an hour before breakfast with water or yoghurt for best effect. Join thousands of satisfied patients around the world today by seeking long lasting relief from the discomfort of piles without any adverse side effects. With Hemocyl, the best hemorrhoid treatment on the market today, a life without hemorrhoids is now possible.

In my practise I come across many hemorrhoid treatments, but Hemocyl proved to be not only the most effective, but the most convienient one. It has a long lasting effect compared to creams and oitnments.

Primarius Stefan Engelbrecht,